Easter celebration with new pews

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ April 23, 2019/ Chapel, Sankpala

We had a great Easter celebration of a picnic style in Sankpala, to inaugurate the installation of new pews in the Church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. It was a great occasion to see parishioners from all the outstations, with majority from Yapei, gather to celebrate with such great joy in the Easter mood. A year ago we

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New Church Blessed

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ April 11, 2018/ Chapel, Sankpala

Happy Easter to you all. What a memorable day in the life of this parish as our newly built outstation church  (soon-to-be new parish, we hope and pray) was blessed on this Easter Sunday.  There couldn’t have been a more appropriate and fitting day for the blessing of this church than on the day of Christ’s resurrection, a church dedicated

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Church Building Update

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ January 26, 2018/ Chapel, Sankpala

Even though it may be a surprise for many especially those who know how it all started, I am glad to say that we are seeing amazing progress on the Holy Rosary Church building in Sankpala. I find it important to update all of you on the current status of the project, mainly through the photos,  knowing that some of

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Holy Rosary Church

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ September 27, 2017/ Chapel, Sankpala

In the space of three years, it can be said without any doubt that a lot of progress, with regards some social interventions aimed at the improvement of the lives of the people, has been recorded in the Sankpala area in preparation for a future parish. Now, all seem ready for the building of a Church structure for the future

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