Church Building Update

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ January 26, 2018/ Chapel, Sankpala

Even though it may be a surprise for many especially those who know how it all started, I am glad to say that we are seeing amazing progress on the Holy Rosary Church building in Sankpala. I find it important to update all of you on the current status of the project, mainly through the photos,  knowing that some of you take a peek into this site once in a while. 

At the present rate of work, and barren any unforseen delays, we anticipate the completion of the church building project for blessing and use either by Easter or shortly thereafter. 

We continue to solicit the prayers and assistance of all for the completion of this very important project which will greatly facilitate our work of evangelization in this area. 

We thank God for bringing us thus far through your prayers and material support. We hope to be coming your way again shortly with an exciting story about it’s completion. 


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