New Church Blessed

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ April 11, 2018/ Chapel, Sankpala

Happy Easter to you all.

What a memorable day in the life of this parish as our newly built outstation church  (soon-to-be new parish, we hope and pray) was blessed on this Easter Sunday.  There couldn’t have been a more appropriate and fitting day for the blessing of this church than on the day of Christ’s resurrection, a church dedicated to His Blessed Mother, “Our Lady of the Holy Rosary” Church. 

In attendance was an overwhelmingly great crowd made up Christians, Muslims, and Traditionalists, most of whom had come out of curiosity, to witness what was happening in the Catholic Church. That was reminiscent of the first Pentecost and I hope they all understood in their own way, and probably the seeds of faith have been widely scattered. 

We use this opportunity to thank all and sundry whose tireless efforts in supporting us from the onset have seen us through till remarkable success. May the Risen Lord continue to richly bless you and replenish you abundantly. 

I hope you will enjoy viewing this final update of photo gallery that follows. 

Peace and love of the Risen Lord to you all.

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