Our New Friends in Germany

Frank/ August 30, 2016/ Parish, Sankpala, Yapei

The long awaited Partnership between St Francis Xavier Parish in Yapei, and a parish in Germany is beginning to see the light of day. After a long period of contacts and discussions, the parishes of St. Francis Xavier in Yapei, and St. Margareta in Wadersloh, Germany have now finalized plans on what is on the way to becoming the latest partnership. At the

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Primary School

Frank/ June 29, 2016/ Primary School

From the beginning of the coming academic year in September-October 2016, some of the children from the Kindergarten (KG 2) will be due to start Primary One (P.1). We however do not have a classroom for them yet. We foresee that they may have to sit under trees until we come up with completed and furnished classrooms for them.

Borehole Projects

Frank/ October 29, 2015/ Boreholes

Finding good drinking water for the people in this area has been of greater concern. It was also one of the major determinants in siting the catechist’s house (and the future presbytery and chapel) at this current location. After siting several possible points for drilling boreholes for water we solicited help for this project. We went ahead to drill two

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Kindergarten School

Frank/ September 29, 2015/ Kindergarten

The Kindergarten School Project has now also been completed and started fully with the beginning of the current academic year in September 2015. We currently have an enrolment of about 105 children, with the pressure still on as parents continue to bring their children to this new school. The school project is however still ongoing. We intend to make provision

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Electricity Extension

Frank/ April 29, 2015/ Sankpala

Extension of electricity power supply to the premises was undertaken as a separate project. We found a contractor who was willing to carry this out for us at a less expensive cost than the national electricity company was offering us. We therefore took that advantage and negotiated with him to have electricity extended to the catechist’s house. With financial support

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Our Catechist’s House

Frank/ August 29, 2014/ Catechist’s House

The catechist’s house construction received a lot of attention since our intention was to have a pastoral presence in the area which could then also facilitate the needed supervision on the rest of the projects.