Our New Friends in Germany

Frank/ August 30, 2016/ Parish, Sankpala, Yapei

The long awaited Partnership between St Francis Xavier Parish in Yapei, and a parish in Germany is beginning to see the light of day. After a long period of contacts and discussions, the parishes of St. Francis Xavier in Yapei, and St. Margareta in Wadersloh, Germany have now finalized plans on what is on the way to becoming the latest partnership.


At the weekend, 28 August 2016, on the invitation of Pfarrer Martin Klüsner, the parish priest of St. Margareta Parish, Rev. Fr Sylvester Kuubetersuur, was the guest of their new sister parish where he concelebrated at two separate Masses and had the opportunity to address the entire congregation. All seems to be on the right way now, and hopefully we should see a good exchange between the two parishes in the very near future.

It is indeed good news for the people of both St Francis Xavier Parish and St Margareta Parish that at long last they too have this opportunity to engage in friendship of mutual exchange of fraternity.

To God be the Glory!


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