Primary School

Frank/ June 29, 2016/ Primary School

From the beginning of the coming academic year in September-October 2016, some of the children from the Kindergarten (KG 2) will be due to start Primary One (P.1). We however do not have a classroom for them yet. We foresee that they may have to sit under trees until we come up with completed and furnished classrooms for them.

To begin the process of achieving this goal however, we have just managed to start with the foundation of a three-unit classroom block (half of the six-unit classrooms needed for a complete primary school). Starting this foundation was made possible through some support received from some family friends in Norwalde, in the Diocese of Muenster, Germany. With that support which has enabled us to start with the foundation of the primary school, we are now left to raise an equivalent of about US$25,293 to enable us complete the  3-unit classroom block, with an office and store, for the use of the children. (some photos of current status of primary school attached below).

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