Placement of Relic

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ November 28, 2016/ Parish, Yapei

The ceremony of the Blessing of our new Church and Dedication of the Altar is now complete with the final part of the celebration this weekend, 27th November, 2016, the first Sunday of Advent. This ceremony was the Placement of a Relic (of St Francis of Assisi) on the altar and the Erection of a Cross in the church.

It was once again a very colourful celebration presided by the Bishop, Most Rev Peter Paul Angkyier, concelebrated by the two priests, Frs Kuubetersuur and Angbing, and with the full participation of the entire parish. As it was the only Mass in the parish, all the outstations were visibly present.

The bishop used the occasion to congratulate the parish for being one of only two churches in the Diocese (the other being the Cathedral Church) with a Dedicated Altar with a Relic imbedded. He urged all to profit of this church being so special to deepen their faith.

He concluded the celebration by officially declaring the establishment of a new Partnership between our parish and St Margareta Parish in Wadersloh, Germany. It was exciting news for all as the parish has been waiting for such a friendship for a long time. 

There was also the inauguration of the reconstituted Parish Finance Committee, who challenged with sourcing and managing judiciously resources in the parish. 

We thank all our friends and supporters whose tireless efforts keepus going. We are particularly to those who sent us the Relics from America. God richly bless you. 

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