Primary School Progress

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ December 14, 2016/ Primary School

It is appropriate at this point that I give an update on the progress of the primary school project in Sankpala. Thanks to the continuous support of all of you friends, and all those who support us in our socio-pastoral work of evangelization, the primary school project is moving along steadily.

We have currently been able to raise the columns and beams, a step beyond our initial target of just raising the foundation and casting oversight concrete. With the current status of the project, we have made a significant progress and still moving on. We hope to soon see some rising walls, and possibly a roof construction over it, and then it shall provide some shelter at least.

It is my hope that, with a little bit more assistance, we should be able to complete this first phase of building a complete primary school unit for the children in Sankpala who so desperately need access to the quality education that the Catholic Church with her collaborators have always sought to provide.

We are sincerely very grateful to all who have assisted us thus far as we continue to solicit the much needed assistance for the good course so well begun.

The photos show the daily progress of the primary school project, as we add new pictures each day to update you.

Currently the new building has been roofed. We are working hard to have this project completed by the close of the year so that the children can move when the second term begins in January. We pray you will visit this site often and see the fast progress we are making with this project. 

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