Aid for Church Pews

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ November 14, 2016/ Parish, Yapei

sfx-chAfter years of hard work in raising funds locally, and finally supported by friends and donors, this parish has been able to reconstruct her Church building and transformed it greatly and made it once again into “a House of Prayer”. We continue to remain grateful to all those who have supported us to realize this dream.

_aboutus_missionWe had a beautiful Church Blessing and Altar Dedication ceremony, presided over by the Bishop of the Diocese, Most Rev Peter Paul Angkyier, on 21st May, 2016. To provide sufficient seats for all at the function, we had to rent plastic chairs, and borrow some from neighbours and groups, for the day. Even then, a lot more people had to stand through the entire ceremony due to insufficient seats. After the occasion we certainly had to return all the rented and borrowed chairs, and have since been relying on using just the few benches that were brought over from the old chapel.

20160606_070054Now, in order to complete the project of the reconstruction of the Church, we are currently embarking on yet another fund raising drive to assist us purchase pews and sanctuary furniture for the Church. We wish to furnish and complete the Church through the provision of decent pews and sanctuary chairs. The entire project is estimated to cost at least GHc41,400.00.

While we are making local efforts through levies and other contributions in this regard, we face an uphill task since this parish is certainly not in the position to raise all this money any time soon. We will therefore once again greatly appreciate any financial assistance towards the realization of this noble goal.

You may support us through the means suggested on this home page under the “Support us” in the menu, or by contacting us directly and dropping in your generous contributions personally.

We are sincerely grateful to all of you for been such an important part in our mission, and thanks in advance for once again coming to our aid.

Fr. Sylvester Kuubetersuur, Parish Priest.

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