New Borehole Commissioned

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ February 7, 2017/ Boreholes, Sankpala

The community of Darevogpe near Sankpala are again the proud beneficiaries of a new borehole. Water, as they say, is life. However finding potable water for many of the communities within the catchment area of our parish has been a nightmare. Women and children are often the victims of this unfortunate circumstance, since they have to travel several kilometers in search of water for the household chores and other uses. The domestic animals are not spared either, as both humans and animals alike undertake this strenuous search for water.

Since the beginning of our mission in Sankpala and surrounding areas, seeking assistance to provide potable water through the drilling of boreholes has become a major apostolate. For now, Sankpala and Darevogpe are the only two fortunate communities where we have so far drilled two successful boreholes each. In the other communities, mainly four of them including Jabalpe, which was the community for which this last project was intended, our search for borehole water for them has proved futile.

An attempt at Torepe where we drilled down to nearly 80 meters turned out to be a dry well. Unfortunate for them, but we have not given up. If we receive any further assistance in this direction, we would still conduct the search to help many more communities with clean drinking water wherever it is possible. They desperately need this help for a healthy life.

We are again grateful to all who have assisted us in this mission, and pray that you remain blessed in your tireless efforts in supporting us to improve the lives of others through your generous sharing.

May God richly bless you all!

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