Help Urgently Needed to Complete our JHS

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ July 27, 2021/ Sankpala JHS

After a long hold on our JHS school project in Sankpala due to insufficient funds, mainly as the negative effect of the pandemic on our fundraising efforts, here we come again asking for the support of our friends in the mission, to enable us complete this much needed project.

With the assistance received from a couple of friends from the Boston, MA area, we managed to raise the structure from foundation to window level on one side (that is two classrooms), and to roofing level of the other (one classroom, office and store, and staff common hall). The photos below show you how far we have gone, and just with your little push, we hope to finish this project for the use of our children in the coming academic year.

We need nearly eleven thousand dollars ($11,000) more to finish the entire school structure, and with an additional three thousand ($3,000) we should be able to provide all the furniture needed (dual desks for the students, teachers tables and chairs, and cupboards to store TLMs).

Please visit the “Support Us” section on this site and see the various ways you can assist us in this mission.

May God continue to bless the cheerful giver who support of the poor.

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