Wambong borehole

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ March 2, 2020/ Boreholes, Sankpala

Another community within the parish has every reason to celebrate as a new borehole has been successfully drilled and handed over to them. 

Wambong community with a population of about 800 people and several surrounding villages, together with their livestock, depended on a dam for drinking water. When the dam gets dry as it often does during the dry season, finding water becomes a big challenge. It was therefore a big welcome news when the parish, with support from a women’s groups in Altenberge, and another group, “faire Woche” group in Nordwalde, and the Diocese of Munster, all in Germany, offered to assist the community with a borehole. 

Initial siting for water was quite challenging as this area is known for. However, after one unsuccessful attempt which turned out to be a dry well after 100m drilling, we decided to give it a second trial. And now, even though nearly a kilometre away from the actual settlement, the people of Wambong and surrounding communities have access to good drinking water. 

The chief and elders, and the entire community, during the handing over ceremony, expressed sincere appreciation to the parish and her generous donors for this great support. Looking at the size of the community, they said, that a second borehole could be of great help, and possibly to mechanize them and bring the water closer to the community. They were now like “Oliver Twist”, expressing gratitude and asking for more. The parish priest charged them to take good care of what has been given them, ensure its maintenance, and maximize its use for their benefit. 

There are still several communities in this parish who need our support in this regard. Several of them have approached the parish seeking such help. We will appreciate any assistance that can help us continue this important mission of saving lives through the provision of safe drinking water for our deprived communities. 

May God bless all who assist us in carrying out this mission. 

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