Walling around parish property

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ April 6, 2019/ Parish, Yapei

Encroachment on church land has become a very common practice here that goes with impunity. A few years back there was such a case which, when sent to court, produced no results, and so the case was later dropped out of court. We lost a good portion of our church land to such encroachers.

On Christmas day last year, we saw another effort to claim part of our land again when someone started to build a carpentry shop just at the entrace to our parish land. This almost resulted into an open confrontation between some church members and that individual. He went ahead anyhow and now has his shop built on what they claim is “no man’s land” meant for temporary structures.

Such moves which keep threatening our property necessitated the urgency of fencing to protect the land. We made a passionate appeal to our friends in St Margareta Parish, in Wadersloh Germany to assist us in this regard. They managed to give us 7,000 euros, which is nearly half of the amount required for the entire wall. The attached photos are evidence of how far we have gone with the wall so far with that help and some local contribution efforts.

We still need help to accomplish this mission, and will greatly appreciate any assistance that will help us push this project further to avoid losing our much needed parish land to encroachers who are so determined to fight us and stifle the efforts of the church in this parish.

May God continue to bless all of you who have been so much behind the progress of our mission in this challenging times.

Peace and Grace-filled season to all!

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