New Kindergarten Started

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ September 19, 2017/ School, Yapei

Education promotion, especially in this part of the country with a very high illiteracy rate, continuous to be a priority area in our evangelizing mission. The community of Fufulso, one of our outstations, is a proud beneficiary of a new kindergarten which will offer an opportunity to the many children of school going age, but who are without access to education partly due to lack of infrastructure. 

The parish, with the kind permission and support of the Central Gonja District Education Office, has started the St Gabriel R/C Kindergarten. The first day opening enrollment was 63, and currently still ongoing. 

An old chapel has been renovated and been used now as the school to accommodate the children who would have been sitting under trees and at the mercy of the rains. We however started with a substructure of the kindergarten building and fortunately, with the kind assistance of the Diocese, has raised the building to lintel level. Progress on the much needed structure for the children has been stalled mainly due to lack of funds. We had hoped that a project to a funding agency would have been able to help us complete the project on time but unfortunately we got a negative response. 

We will greatly appreciate any assistance that will help us move this first phase of providing the children in Fufulso with access to quality education forward. 

God bless you all for the kind support to our common mission.

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