Celebration of Friendship

Sylvester Kuubetersuur/ October 31, 2016/ Parish, Yapei


Our parish was blessed with the visit of three friends from Germany. Dr Marita Feuerstraeter, Dr Ernst Graaf and his wife Mrs Isle Graaf-Worms visited our parish and the Diocese for a little over two weeks (6th – 22nd October, 2016).

During this period of their visit, the team already spent one week (8 – 15 Oct) offering free dental care services to clients at the West Gonja Hospital, Damongo. They brought along equipment and other support to help build up the dental unit at the Hospital. They hope to be able to offer more assistance in the near future to bring up the dental unit at this hospital. They second week of their visit was planned for spending some days in our parish and then visiting other parts in the south of the country before returning to Germany.

Welcoming them to our parish during the Sunday liturgy, the parish laity council chairman, Mr Christian Dumatonu, expressed appreciation to Dr Marita and her team for their great generosity towards the diocese and the people of St. Francis Xavier Parish in particular. He acknowledged that Dr Marita made a great personal sacrifice and contribution towards the renovation of the parish church building, supported projects in Sankpala outstation, and continues to solicit support in different ways for the parish. He expressed hope that our friendship will continue to grow, and that we look forward their coming often to spend such moments with us.

Mr Dumatonu then made a token presentation of gifts to Dr Marita and her team as a sign of appreciation from the parish for their generous support to the parish. Dr Marita, seemingly overwhelmed by this unexpected gesture from the parishioners, expressed appreciation for the parishioners sense of gratitude and thanked them for the gifts on behalf of her team.

Our visiting friends were then invited to a little sharing with some of the church elders and the priests after the celebration in the presbytery.

Their visit to the country ended with an interesting tour on the Volta River, riding on the Yapei Queen from Yeji to Akosombo, a total of about 36 hours journey. It was a very wonderful way of seeing the other side of the country by boat. They have since returned to Germany after their two weeks visit to us.

Thanks to our friends for coming to visit us, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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